Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Okay still trying to work out how to upload the video file. Despite the process being 'easy' it's still being a pain in the ass and not uploading for me.

Close your eyes children it may take another form!
Though yeah, bought a webcam for my desktop. Pretty funky, doubt I will be doing many blogs off it though. Mainly because I don't like listening to my voice... I sound... Australian (Believe it or not!). Though yeah, thought I'd check it out. If you haven't seen/heard me before it's quite a shock!

Though otherwise you'll just shake your head and go Dave, you're an idiot. I'll post up another video later on. After I get my haircut this arvo. Should be interesting.

Anyway Till Then
Random Thing I Want To Buy: Plasma TV
Till Sometime later Today


Steph said...

WOAH! It's Dave. Yay for your own webcam :D

Dubsy said...

Yeah! Better quality too! Got a new headset as well. Woooo.

Anyway I lied, can't be bothered doing another video... Maybe tomorrow.

Steph said...

Ripley's Believe It Or Not!
What a cool show.

Dubsy said...

Your taste in TV shows scares me.... D: