Friday, October 26, 2007


Is being a slut a hereditary disease or something because I saw three girls, well two girls and their mum. They were all so skankified, I mean one was wearing a slipknot shirt (is liking slipknot a crime? no, but wearing their T-Shirt is. Especially, if you are wearing too much make up and overweight.), the other was wearing a T-Shirt that said "I'm a bitch, just not yours." And the mum was wearing a shirt with monkey's, which probably wasn't that bad but give off an aura of skankiness. So I made a judgement call, maybe being a skank does run in the family.

Alright so my part of my job is being an examiner, which means I'm the guy at the front of the room falling asleep behind the walls of a good book. Though today in my test there was a brother and sister couple. How do I know this? They both had red hair! All people red haired people extend from Great Beard the Red, an acient norse god who took a shower in the blood of Zeus. Then mated with a human woman... and a horse. Point is that they were brother and sister and as silly as it may sound I had to keep one eye on one and another eye on the other. By the end of the two hours I was dizzy and had a massive headache.

In other news, things went back to normal in Dave land. Well normal as they can get in this mixed up world of mine. Which is great, I'm in love, and in love with being in love.

This love bird has to go sing
Random Thing I'm Looking Forward To: Perth!
Till Tomorrow

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