Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oh No It's Mario!

Alright, Linkin Park is officially awesome. The show was fantastic, and both me and Big D were satisfied with the concert. Highlights of the night, giving Chris Cornell the finger, getting involved in the monstrous mexican waves during the intermission, listening to hit after hit from Linkin Park, and finally offering some vanilla fingers to the guys in the car next to us. All in all it was a great night.

I must say though, I felt out of place being there. Not that I'm not an emo,I might be though I wouldn't say so, but like people were rocking out. Like Big D he was standing up head banging, waving his hands around like a maniac and I just sat there in the chair. I mean, they were awesome but I'm not just about to make a fool of myself because of that. I got a persona, albiet a crappy one, to attend to. So yeah I'm not a hard rocker, maybe I'm a soft rocker, or maybe I'm not a rocker at all. I don't know, whats the difference, are their any lines in rock 'n' roll, I thought it was all about breaking the lines and sticking it to the man. Dang it, now I've just gone and confused my lil ol' head.

Anyway, hypocrits, I officially hate them. I mean not people who contradict themselves on purpose but these ultimate slutty hoe bags who go around wearing a shirt that says "Cheer up emo kid." THIS SHIRT IS EMO! Hence, wearing it makes you emo, so in actuality you're not only emo but a moron for wearing a shirt that insults your sub-culture. And yes, we saw this shirt about 14 times last night. And yes, I was annoyed everytime I saw it. On the topic of bad taste in clothes, have you seen these shirts which are completely black/white then in some fluro writing says "I love my boyfriend" or something overly cliche`d like that? What it should say is "I love looking bad" or "I love bad taste" or something along those lines.

Ugh, today's one of those days when I have too many things to write about. I'll keep it there for now, consider yourself lucky.
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