Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Sorry, no video today. I need a fair bit of time to make one that I like and so far I've just made one that I don't like. Mainly because of my voice, it's so weird hearing your voice. I was like yeah I got a smooth pimp assed voice, fully equipped with mags, a subwoofer, and a leather interior. Now I'm like ughhh who is this extremely handsome chump with the wacked vocal cords. There goes my self esteem.

Anyway what I was going to go off on today, was there was this guy in my class. Who thinks it's cool to wear tight purple jeans. Believe me it's not, however, who am I to judge. I'm weaing a Mr Messy shirt, got a funky hairdo, and a hello kitty key chain on my bag. Isn't that the definition of cool?

Lastly, me and my mate Bob (a.k.a Tuck, Robert, The China Man from Japan, and Billy Tomoly) are running this blogging site where it's a more tight nit community of blogging. Where we hit tough issues like games, movies, music and more. So yeah, I attached a link to the side of the page somewhere around there ->

Anyway that's me
Random Book I Carried Today: The Science of Numerology
Till Tomorrow

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