Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dave hates poems.

Nevertheless he still helped me with it (a lot of it). It's for a school assignment so please dig in and criticise.
NOTE: It's suppose to be about the atomic bombing in Hiroshima.

Be With You
By Stephanie Lai

The ominous flash now abating
A new darkness has dawned.
I look across the room,
To where you were standing.
But all I see are our memories,
You are gone.

The sakuras flashed gold
As the last crinkle was smoothed.
The purest white kimono will be drowned,
In the tumbling rain outside.
It was of no concern.
You were the only thought on my mind.

Tears stinging my eyes
Like a child in a sandpit I dig,
Through a sea of twisted metal and shattered glass.
Blood leaking from broken skin.
I uncover your hand and pull you free,
You struggle to say, “I love you.”

Tears glistened my eyes
As I looked into yours.
On our day come and gone
Holding hands in the shrine, united in soul.
The priest asked a question
You replied softly, “I do.”

Now spirited away, your grip quickly loosening,
Heartbeat fading.
I lay my head upon your chest
Only to weep of this thought;
Never again will I feel the sweet touch of your lips.
If only I could be with you.

I draw in a quick breath,
Realisation floods through me.
In life we are apart,
In death we could be together.
In search of something deadly
To plunge into this aching heart.

I remember our day clearly.
Reiterating my vows,
I will be with you for all eternity-
A deal sealed with a kiss.
I open my eyes, to my joy I see

Now I need to write a short story..
Random thing in my fridge: White Chocolate Mudcake
Till some undetermined day in the future


tucKie said...

needs more dead people for hiroshima >:(. golden sakuras ?_?

Steph said...

There's a sakura pattern threaded in gold on the kimono :p