Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dancing Cows!

Firstly Stephy is awesome. Cheers for yesterday's insight into the world of Steph. Secondly James Blunt's new cd does not appeal to my tastes just sounds like some guy crying in song format.It's the cd that turns a happy guy depressed, and a sad guy take the plunge. Anyway have a read of this, as it's like the introduction to my groups game. Written by the Dave (That's right Stephanie I can write in third person as well) anyway check it out:

As a child I was brought up on myths about hell. ‘Fiery pits of the under lord’ I was told and I believed them. Now that I’m older, I know what hell is. I’ve been living there for the past fifteen years. Trapped alone with my alter ego, Stephanie, and deemed unfit to live amongst normal people. So they put me in this cell and left me to rot.

Fifteen long years I’ve been waiting when finally she stopped. I thought she was playing – hide and seek was her favorite game – until she started disappearing from the therapy sessions. It was lonely to begin with, her voice no longer floating around in my head made way for more depressing things. So my life began to dull, my eyes no longer fully opened. It was only then that I was to be released into the masses. This is where my story begins.

Escorted by two male guards I shuffled down the hall; my feet stumbling forward often connecting with the floor. To the sides there were other prisoners, some yelling, some whispering, I couldn’t make sense of any of them though. So I didn’t look, keeping my eyes focused on the elevator at the end of the hall. There was a guard in front of the lift waiting for my party. As we got closer he began talking.
“Prisoner 001785692, by the state of Jaguania I now pronounce you mentally stable upon order of Marcus Shartophsci lead psychiatrist in this facility. By mention of this statement you are now a free man. Please enter the elevator and head to the ground floor.”

So yeah, that's a taste of what our groups game is all about. It's weird, I'm doing so much organising at the moment it really makes me think I've matured as a person. Then I realise that I still laugh when I say 'penis'. So maybe I haven't really matured that much...

Anyway that's enough out of me
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Steph said...

Way to name the bad girl after me >:

Steph said...

Point: Why are they prisoners when they're just patients?

Dubsy said...

yeah zed told me that as well, dam you women are picky!