Sunday, October 14, 2007

Push to Talk

This is me, bearing my war wounds from todays game. Got hit with a ball. Sorta my fault I bent down for a curve ball. Curved into my back. Though when it's coming as fast as it was there isn't really time to make a judgement call. There's just enough time for your eyes to light up, bend down or take half a step, and the thought 'holy shit it's going to hit me!' to run through your head before you feel the sharp pain in your side and your wind knocked out of you.

Though the worst part of being hit is the fact that it's a pitcher-batter confrontation. There are several ways to which to react to being hit but the thing is that you gotta play your cards in just the right way so that you win the battle. Personally I go for the no reaction approach, so you get hit and then just run off and pretend that nothing happened... So far it's worked for me. I think. It gives off the impression that I'm tougher than I actually am.

I got two compliments today, I guess I should be happy, someone told me that I must have been pumped full of steroids because I'm stronger than I look. Another said that the team should be happy because they have 'David Fucking Williams'. Yeah, I guess complimenting people isn't a baseballer's strong suit. We should stick with the ass slapping and calling each other 'Babe'. What... it's a man's game.

Other than baseball I'm in a pretty deep funk at the moment. Something's annoying me, I don't know what it is but it's making me angry. I fear something is going to happen soon. I don't know what, but I don't want it too.

Anyway I'm off
Random Illuminating Object: Lamp
Till Tomorrow


tucKie said...

man no one wants to see your bare back :(, ps where's the back/chest hair? D:

Steph said...

He's half Canadian, not Italian :p