Saturday, October 27, 2007

Uneaten hegehog....

Well Dave land's normal, lasted a day. Feeling like absolute ass, I haven't frowned this badly since I got rejected from the course I wanted to get into. Not even this extremely hilarious youtube clip could wipe the smile off my face:
I mean, this is how bad I am feeling right now. I tip toed down stairs, crawled behind the furniture (army style), went into sneak mode in the kitchen. Scavenged a lost helpless hedgehog slice who got seperated from it's herd. Pocketed it in my pants, crawled back along the ground. Ran into my mum and persuaded her that I was only following a trail of ants, which I doubt she bought though gave me enough time to make a run for it. Finally getting back to my room, and you know what?
I had no apetite.

It's someone/someones/or something has strung two weights from the side of my mouth and held my smile hostage. Bunch of emotional meglomaniacs, trying to take over my face for their own evil purposes. Soon I'll be making weird, and annoying faces at everyone... Only this time it won't be on purpose!

Anyway I hoped you laughed at my misery.
Random Candidate Last Name: Roper
Till Tomorrow

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