Saturday, October 13, 2007


Couple of months ago I quit the MMORPG Ragnarok Online. I handed the account over to a friend and deleted it off my computer. Yesterday, I downloaded the game again, though a different server. What can I say..? I'm an addict, and some friends asked me to join them again. Basically watched about 6 episodes Evangelion and then played Ragnarok for the whole day. What a waste of a day D:. I need more balance in my life.

Sorry for the half-assed blog. It's past midnight. Steph is tired.
Goodnight blog readers.

Random plush toy in my room: Monokuro
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Till some undetermined day in the future

PS: Hope your happy tuckie >:


tucKie said...

psha, too davesque need more originality steph!

but +rep for pics :D

Steph said...

Psh, I'm no writer!

Steph - +1 reputation

Dubsy said...

psh you write fine Stephy. Thanks for the save yet again and.....PIGGY!!! Awesomeness.

Yeah, Bob, my dad's out of the country with the digital camera. D: Hence why I've been spamming youtube links left and right.

I'm Old Greg!

Steph said...

Use your webcam to take pics :p