Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mission Complete!

Today I came to the realisation how much I hate poetry. It's such literal non-sense, I'm going to stick with writing short stories and other stuff that people could possibly (though highly unlikely) be interested in. I mean can't even understand this lyrical rubbish.

So yeah, just finished an assignment and handed it in. One hour before it's due, talk about being fashionably late... Well early... Well late early. Whatever, or evs, depending on how hip you are.

Lastly some stuff happened today, and I was like wow. It was great.

See what poetry does to me? Makes my brain turn to gibberish. Ugghhh. It's so retarded one day I have to much to write about the next day I have none. Though to be honest I did something today which I shouldn't have, kinda worried about how the next few weeks will pan out now. Don't know who to talk to about it either, I might end up hurting someones feelings.... Why is life so complicated sometimes?

Anyway that'll be enough worrying from me today
Random Game on My PC: Gunbound
Till Tomorrow

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