Sunday, October 21, 2007

Coming at You Like a Shark With Knees

So today I got dragged into umpiring, hurray, hence why my chest hurts at the moment. Apparently, I can't go near baseball without being hurt in some way, shape, or form. Today it was a ball to the chest. Which for some reason made my asthma act up, why? I don't know. Not that a ball to the chest helps anyway.

Anyway the biggest thing today was that I spoke to Steph's mum today. Wow, that was awkward. I was totally not expecting that. Though it seemed to go OK, I got her to laugh a few times, though had to apologize once or twice for using sayings when I probably shouldn't have. Thank the lord that it's not her that I have to impress so much as Steph. However, I think I'll trick her into liking me with my good looks (cough) and charm (cough cough).

Lastly, I've been pretty slack with my uni work. Not that I've been trying to, it's just been hard to find the right information. Kind of annoying that they do a lecture on Human Resource Management however it focuses on a completely different segment to what the assignment. Thanks guys,for completely useless subject material. I've so totally given up going to the lectures for that subject. Such a waste of time.

Anyway I'm back to being myself I wonder how much this will last
Random Thing I'm Doing Tomorrow: Work....
Till Tomorrow

P.S. You should never sleep or the monkey folk will steal your face.

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