Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just a Quickie

Well it's 11:47pm and I'm just starting this blog. My eyes are drooping, my body wants to go to sleep and yet I'm here writing this mofo. Now, thats dedication, if I was you guys I would build a monument in my name and then go about creating stories around my adventures which you tell your kids and they tell their kids and so forth. Throughout history I will forever be known as the most idiotic ranter ever!

Anyway, I'm real tired so I'm going to cut it short
- I'm pitching b grade, which is a step up for me. It's against my will, but apparently they have no other option.
-I'm organizing more stuff for uni, despite my real distaste for organizing as well as unskilled at it.
- Being run off my feet with business, I don't have free day this week... I'm in hell! Wait I'm not in heaven or hell I'm on an airplane!

That will do for today, sorry for the crappy post...
Random Pitch I Like to Throw: Slider
Till Tomorrow

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tucKie said...

more pictures fool, damn you and your wall of text