Monday, October 29, 2007


Another day another dollar, and by another dollar I mean another thousand dollars. I got my tax refund back today woo hoo. Now time to buy that Xbox 360, well I mean, after my exams next week. Sort of beginning to enter panic mode, a permanent browning of the pants with the idea that tests are just around the corner.

Anyway I should apologize to Stephy, I sorta did do an open letter to her yesterday but the only reason for this is because a lot of people make the same mistake, myself included. You can't be so hard on yourselves. I mean life will always have it's ups and downs, it's one constant kick in crutch after another you get that breath of fresh air for a second before BAM! A free vasectomy for you!

So yeah, me and Kate got up to more mischief today. As we do. We should create an office gang or something and roam the streets picking out people's flaws and giving them funny nicknames. We philosophise about relationships and what they mean, whether a kiss was a sympathy kiss, or something much deeper. It's an interesting time. Guys helpful hint: Don't get yourself drunk at your 'want to be' girlfriends place and use it as an excuse to stay the night. It's not attractive, in fact down right arrogant.

Anyway Doctor Dave is making a house call
Random Topping on my Sub: Olives
Till Tomorrow

P.S. That poem was mostly written by Steph, I just dotted the i's and crossed the t's.