Tuesday, October 23, 2007


What... he asked for it. Though he got it wrong when Chris said that no one in the crowd had flipped him off all night. I flipped him off. Ask Big D, he's my witness. So I was more than overjoyed when he wanted the crowd to rip into him. Though I must say, that Chris played a pretty decent gig. Though he was completely over shadowed by the main event, Linkin Park. Man the crowd went off, there were times when the singer (Sorry not a huge LP fan anymore, Mike or the other guy?) was screaming and I couldn't hear him over the obscenely loud cheers of the crowd. So all in all it was a great night.

We also got some great stories to come out of it as well. Begining with being frisked up by some old bat (was it really necessary to grap my ass?), to an empty can of vanilla fingers and my bladder. Though one story, was this guy who we met in the line for some merchandise. We began conversing after I made the comment 'All the proceeds from tonight go to charity' which made us all giggle a little. So we were in line for twenty minutes or so deciding what we were going to buy, if anything, personally I was opposed to begin with. Though after waiting twenty minutes I had a hunger, that needed to be fed. So anyway, we discussed the pros and cons of each of the items, as well as how much they would of cost to make compared to the perceived cost they were selling them for.

So after twenty minutes waiting the joke of the moment was that we would hit the front counter and they would be sold out. Unfortunately for our new found friend this was the case, with the store being sold out of both the beanie that he wished to purchase as well as his size of shirt. I had a guilty chuckle to myself, as he retired empty handed. I'm a cruel person....

Anyway I'll tell you more later on
Random Thing I Stood In Line For: ATM
Till Then

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