Monday, October 15, 2007

What's it Like in New York City?

Today was a day that shouldn't have happened. In fact we formed a club of five people at work who all agreed today should not have happened. Maybe we came down with a bad case of monday-itis. A rare disease found in cubicles around the world, it can only be cured by monkey clowns who ride around in little cars. Unfortunately for us it presents fatal in 20% of cases - one of us won't live to see tomorrow.

Let's pray it's not me.

So yeah, despite having an extra long sleep (due to the fact that I wanted yesterday to end early) I still woke up tired. What's the go with that? It's like eating a six-course meal and being hungry still. Then for some reason I was angry with someone who I shouldn't have been angry at. I mean it wasn't their fault, it's just like I came down with a severe case of PMS.... I should check for blood in my urine.

Lastly for today, I started watching Band of Brothers. Possibly, the greatest mini-series ever. In fact, dare I say it, IT IS THE GREATEST. Bam, in your faces I said it. Prove me wrong otherwise, I'll be waiting. Little there is to be said except I loved it. Fantastic. Except for Ross from Friends, he reminded me of an angry shrew, I bet he was still upset from losing Rachel for the umpteenth time thats why he is so angry.... poor Ross.

Anyway that's me for today
Random Guy Work Kate has Dated: Jealous Dog Guy (not to be confused with Dog Man)
Till Tomorrow

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