Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Maybe Some Beer

Ok, I seriously don't get people who dress gothic/emo. Today was hot, and by hot I was sweating just sitting down. You go for a small walk and come back as if you just jumped of niagra (viagra.... hehehe... dam you immaturity!) falls, yet still you have these guys wearing full black leather jackets, down to long pants and boots. How the hell can you do that? I seriously wanted to take off my clothes not put more on.

Anyway, I need to give Chris a shout out. Work chris that is, probably the funniest guy this side of a line drawn between funny people and not so funny people. Though yeah, he is my partner in crime at work. We usually just bitch about ken or other stuff which amuses us or attempt to rap. We are the Crave (chrave, chris dave = chrave) Train after all. So let me attempt to drop the QTAC RAP.

This is the QTAC RAP
It's shit, it's horrible, I accept that
but we continue to rhyme
like a pair of lyrical masterminds
planting literal C4 up your behinds
rapping like it's a crime
we'll keep on doing it till the end of time
well just before
because that's who we are
the boys from QTAC
always got your back

Bang bang skeet skeet, peace out y'all.
Random Person's Birthday Tomorrow: Stephanie Lai
Till Tomorrow


Steph said...

Forget liberal or labour. Vote for the Crave Train!

I be peacing out.

Dubsy said...

Crave Train need no politics
all we need is a 6 pack of brew
... and some tits
it's how we've been rocking since 87
and if we don't win this year
we'll be back in 2011