Thursday, November 29, 2007


Quick list of things:
- My Brother Arrives (2 days)
- Going to Perth (12 days, Technically 11)
- Going before the Tribunal (Next Week)
- Christmas (27 days)
- Working (The next 10 days)

Other Notes: Fractured nose, worried about staying in Perth "alone" (never done that before), worried about what my part is in the whole tribunal thing (things might turn real ugly).

So yeah forgive me if things get heated, whiny, or otherwise over emotional. It's weird how life changes pace so suddenly. One second I'm laying on the couch watching some prime daytime tv with a beer in one hand and the other hand nestled within a bag of chips. Yes, that is the life or at least it was. Now I've been put on busyness code red, slightly higher than code magenta.

Anyway, I guess I should explain the whole internet relationship thing. I mean I'm a decent enough guy, easy on the eyes, good personality, and all that. Nothing overly special, but I've always assumed that I could go out and pick up a girl off the street and I have no doubt that I could. Though, I don't know whether it's my terrible history with girls, or that I'm looking for a relationship rather than a fling. I don't know, all I do know is that she ,Stephanie, came into my life. I enjoy her company, I enjoy her looks, I just enjoy her. So in saying that I mean, I didn't choose it to be an internet relationship, neither of us did. It just happened.

Till Tomorrow
Random Game I Bought: Super Mario Galaxy (remind me to tell you what an awesome game it is tomorrow)

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