Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Trapped in a Box!

Hello, my name is David and I'm twenty years old, pleased to meet you. How lame does that sound. Ever introduced yourself lately? Why not put a spin on things, Tell people that you're a contract killer? Tell them that you're over 300 years old, though you hide well. Or better yet, just tell them that they will die in the next fifteen minutes and wish them a pleasant rest of their short life. Either way, make an impression, people forget you otherwise and that's not cool.... not cool at all.

Since it's that time of year, actually I'm probably a bit late, for all those doing exams, I wish you the very best of luck. If you're already done then I wish you all the very best of good times of getting wasted and enjoying your holidays in whatever way, shape, or form you deem necessary.

Lastly, what is up with my dad and calling at the worst times? Yesterday, I was playing my game which I long forgot and get up to this mega boss and in the middle of the fight he calls. Gah, way to ruin the whole immersive experience. Next thing I know today I'm cooking lunch put it in the microwave for two minutes halfway through BAM! Get another call... it's always about the most minuscule things that I really don't care about as well. It just annoys the hell out of me.

Random Book I'm Reading Again: Mossflower
Till Tomorrow

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