Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hurr, Stand on Moi Tunnl!

Holidays, the time that haunts every working man, woman, and child. The time they long for within the confines of their cubicles, classrooms, or other daily prison cells. It is also the time where people don't know what the hell to do with themselves, and get lost in the dull drudgery of doing nothing. All of your self purpose and willingness to get off your butt dissapears with a whisper of the word holidays.

That's where I'm finding myself right now, yesterday I tried to fill that hole by buying a couple of games for my Wii. It was either that or get a xbox 360, since my bro bitches at me everytime I mention the later, I decided to get the games. It was weird though, when I was at the shop I told the clerk that I needed to get a new controller as well my dog had eaten the last. She gave me this look it was the "yeah right and aliens abducted my soon to be baby in ten to twenty years" look... You know the one.

I gotta say it though, and I've said it before and believe me I'll say it again. Piercings and tattoos are not attractive, with the minor exception if you're an artist which I can assure you most of us arn't. Though nothing says 'I'm not attractive' more than a piece of metal hanging out of ones face. Actually it says 'I'm not attractive and my career looks bleak.' Let's face it, people arn't going to hire you if you have piercings, it's not a good business move... Unless working for a company that does BBQ equipment for bikers.

Anyway that's me for now
Random Game I bought: Metroid Prime 3
Till Tomorrow

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