Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Am A Simple Man

I love a good story,a tale, a myth. Something that sucks me in deep and then punches me in the nuts and says "YOU SON OF A BITCH" in that deep Governator voice as seen in the predator. I've heard a few good ones recently, as well as some oldies which I'll unleash upon you guys. I know I'm just scribbling them down here and will hardly do them justice but here goes. Enjoy.

A man returning from work decided to take a short cut, which ironically was a long cut because of the traffic. Someone had crashed there car into a tree, without any emergency services around this man decided to take a look. See if he could help at all.

There was a woman trapped in her car, crushed by her steering wheel. She could barely talk, so this man called 911 and talked to the dieing woman. Asked if he could do anything, she replied "Call my husband." Thus, he mediated the conversation between the woman and her husband, the call ended with a husband in tears and the last words of the woman "I love you," as she was carried away by the paramedics. Though there was nothing they could do, she died before they made it to the hospital.

The man destroyed his phone that night.

I'll post up another abbreviated story tomorrow, love y'all peace out!

Random Artist: Graham Nash
Till Tomorrow

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