Monday, November 05, 2007

Something for Everyone

Yay, first exam done and smashed. Kinda stupid though, we did it in a tiered room and I could sort of see everyone elses answer sheet. Kind of defeats the purpose of having an anti cheat policy. However, despite that obvious advantage I was surprised to find I didn't need it... In fact the girl in S310 sitting in front of the guy with the red timberland t-shirt and the over washed jeans you got question twenty wrong. The answer was C!

I heard a riddle on the radio today about a farmer with three horses. He needed to go into town to do the groceries for his wife who was bedridden with a broken leg. He couldn't ride one because it was too sick, he couldn't ride the other one because it was too old, and he didn't take the third one because? It only took a second for me to come up with the answer " it was his grandma!" Ok, so it wasn't the correct answer, but better than anything you could come up with.

Lastly, we are meant to be recieving our new modem tomorrow. Just like we were meant to recieve it last thursday, which they ended up delivering on friday coincidently enough when nobody was home. So yeah they told us, anywhere between 8 and 1, nice and vague just the way I like it. So now instead of being in the comfort of my bed studying I gotta wait downstairs with the wooden chairs that make my ass sore.... Thanks alot crappy delivery company.

Anyway till tomorrow
Random Question on Todays Paper: What type of strategy determines the way a business should compete?

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