Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Don't Know.... Evs

So I'm looking at the keyboard, waiting for inspiration to grab it's overly large and cumbersome wooden plank and slap me several times around the forehead.... So far, no luck. So I guess it's another crappy day, with another crappy blog. Let's face it my holidays are boring. Where other people would be out on the beach, meeting friends, and other possibly eventful activities. I sit at home alone, playing games... Kind of depressing.

That being said I did get to spend the day with a special someone, and that made it all the more worth while. Yes, my dog bear, if you are reading this that is you. Anyway a mate of mine was reading about a job opening as a game writer for bioware's new MMO. He convinced me to give it a shot despite my lack of experience both as a writer and as someone from the industry but evs(whatever) right?

Last but not least was Steph's amazing giggle fit, which in itself was absolutely hilarious. She must have giggled for at least five minutes, and I don't know if you've ever found yourself in a similar situation but I couldn't help but to surrender myself into a monstorous rage of laughter myself. So there we were a couple of idiots laughing non-stop, to the point where Stephy was grasping for air. Maybe this should be introduced as a new assassination technique? Maybe I shouldn't have told you that.... Don't kill me I have so much to give.

Random Movie I'm Boycotting: Saw 4
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