Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Yellow Tracksuit!

Firstly.... the reason I close the door while I'm sleeping....

On the topic of Bear... he has broken through the barrier! My last/only line of defense has been penetrated! I had a dog on the lap the entire day today, so unproductive....

See what I had to put up with! I am clearly unimpressed.

Anyway I got my last test in 15 hours and 38 minutes, so I gotta get back to le study.

Random Drink: Iced Coffee
Till Tomorrow

P.S. Few changes with the blog, I corrected the time to Brisbane time (wooo) and opened it up to allow anyone to comment. You don't have to register, so yay.


Steph said...

Bear's crazy >_>

Dubsy said...

He's a maniac!

tucKie said...

who the hell makes a video of themselves + dog, > 20 seconds with sound recording on, and yet not utter a single word? way to suck ;D

Dubsy said...

I didn't want to take the focus away from Bear.... D: