Sunday, November 11, 2007

Are You The One

Thus ends another week, with a day much like all days. I'm still looking for the fantastic day that will redefine me as a man. Don't think it will come for a while by the looks. Maybe 27 days, if you know what I mean. Which you don't, I'll inform you later... Maybe, if you're lucky. Which if you're reading this you most probably arn't, just think of all the mysterious goodness that you're missing out on by reading my thoughts, feelings, and other rubbish which no one should give a dam about.

Today, however, I learnt the down side of having a wireless mouse, minus the whole battery conundrum, which is when the stuff goes the wrong the way and you get mad/upset/frustrated and you're holding an ergonomic mouse in your hand. Let me just say, the desire to hurl this bad boy into the wall/through the window was phenominal. Seriously, I need a wired mouse... quickly.

Anyway in too much pain to talk much more, I'm wondering why I play baseball when I end up like a dead man at the end of the day. Sort of doesn't make it worthwhile in the long run. Oh well, some people get there kicks by sniffing their babies ass (scotty) while others feel the need to go zorbing(allison).

Random Place I Want To Be: Anywhere but here....
Till Tomorrow

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