Friday, November 02, 2007

A Year Older, A Year Better!

I didn't get any presents or a cake D: I love cake. The only thing I got was a card from The Raine Study. Its an organisation that studies child health which I was involved with since I was a foetus. Plus they mail one every year, so it doesn't really count. But don't worry! They'll all come later, after exams when I have a family party. Hopefully.

Anyway I finished the other story last night without Dave's help (except for the awesome first paragraph) and I had to stay up all night to get it done. So be lenient.

(Extract Two)

The night was darker than most nights, a lonely darkness, and the once rampant streets filled with passengers were now emptied. Everyone knew this bitter silence; it was the sound of war, the sound of protection. No one dared talk at night, if they did it would be in whispers, afraid that enemy spies might hear them if they talked too loud. Sadako and her mother were sleeping in the bedroom on their bedrolls side by side. Their night ended early in preparation for the early rise tomorrow morning.

Horrors often begin on what looks like the best of days. It was still morning, but the day promised good weather. There were no clouds in sight revealing the sheer blue of the sky. Beyond the sky was a star, the one who gives Earth light and thus life, the Sun. It was cool in doors and not too hot outside. The morning air had crispness to it, it smelt good. Everything seemed well.

It was a Saturday, The Cutting Edge had just opened shop. An old man, a regular, was welcomed inside and offered a seat by Sadako. Mrs Sasaki readied her cutting instruments on the mobile draws.

“What would you like done today Mr Kiyoko?” She asked cheerfully.
“The usual, just a clean shave.”
Mrs Sasaki got to work applying cream onto his face.
Looking in the mirror he saw Sadako sweeping the floor and exclaimed, “Hmm, your little girl seems ignorant of all the bad things in the world. There’s always a smile on her face!”
“That’s her alright,” Mrs Sasaki chuckled.
“It’s better to be happy than sad Mr Kiyoko! You should try some time,” Pointed out Sadako. They all laughed together.
An air raid siren rung loud, cutting short their laughter.
“Should we go to the bomb shelter now Mother?”
“No dear, it’s probably just another weather plane.”
“And I need you to finish my shave!” The aged man added.
A second bout of laughter followed.

Mr Kiyoko paid for his shave over the counter.
“Great job as always, Mrs Sasaki.”
“Oh, heh. My pleasure. Have a great day will you!” Mrs Sasaki said blushing.
“Byebye Mr Kiyoko!!” Sadako called out.
Mr Kiyoko waved back, smiling.

Sadako moved the chair Mr Kyoko was sitting on to the centre of the room. Grabbing the broom she started sweeping the hair clippings, careful to get right into the edges of where the floor meets the wall. Finishing up she placed the chair under the shelf and turned around to find where her mother was.

Meanwhile, an American bomber plane was dropping its prize. A blue parachute shot upwards from America’s ultimate weapon, an atomic bomb. The plane turned back to where it came from. The Americans had named it Little Boy. Once in the safe zone the pilot pressed the red button on the control in his hand, detonating the Little Boy above the city of Hiroshima.

Sadako couldn’t see her mother in the room. She started walking to the back room to check if she was there. She stopped halfway to the door and turned to the window spurred by a loud sound from outside. She saw a blinding flash causing her eyes to close shut. The crashing sound grew louder, until it was surrounding her. The sound of glass shattering, walls crumbling, and then nothing. Sadako lay on the ground, unconscious.

This Saturday was the day the sun rose twice. This light did not give life though; instead it took away the life of everything it touched. The sky could not be seen anymore as the thick black smoke covered the city. Black rain started to fall sizzling the burning houses and blackening everything else. Hiroshima was now a hell where those who somehow survived envied the dead. The atomic bomb wasn't just a weapon, it was a curse. Although it wasn’t the bomb that killed everyone, it was humans murdering humans.

After the smoke had cleared the plane flew once more over what once was Hiroshima. The pilot couldn’t help just staring at the mass destruction below with wide eyes.

“My God…What have we done?”
“I’m very proud of you. It’s been a long road, but I think we just won the war,” Replied General Grover.

I think it needs to be more dramatic. Oh well, it's handed in already. Time to eat my pasta alfredo.
Random Disney Song I Like: Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
Till some undetermined day in the future

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