Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Never Want this to End!

Today, was a day. Well not that I can really account for that. I spent most of the day with my eyes closed sleeping. Sort of exhausted all my brain power on the test yesterday and not as interested in the one on thursday. In fact from the lectures it seems pretty much general knowledge. Though I guess that's how it's meant to seem after you study it for thirteen weeks.

Highlight of the day so far has to be the HUMONGOUS piss that my dog, bear (ghengis is too cool for that sort of thing), did on the couch leg. It was so big that I was surprised not to find Steve Carell out on my lawn trying to build some sort of boat. So yeah cleaning that up, not fun. Conflicting arguments going through your head "Clean it up Dave, it is your duty as a warrior!" "Leave it Dave, it's someone else's problem." Or something like that.

Been watching Invader Zim alot as well lately. So I have no shortage of random obscure quotes to throw at people. e.g. Why is there BACON IN THE SOAP?!, or,Noooo the moose has failed me! Ughh that show is great.

Random Zim Quote: You're after my robot bee!
Till Tomorrow

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