Monday, November 26, 2007


Haven't put up a blog in couple of days, just because I don't think anyone - including myself - can keep up with the excessive deterioration of the standard due to the fact that my holidays suck. Well things are a getting a bit spicy at the moment. I apologize for any mistakes, because I'm so dosed up pain medication I hardly know whats even going on. Really, I should be in bed.

So here were everything stands, in fifteen days I'm flying to Perth for a week, to meet a girl that I have been deeply, madly in love with for the past 5 months now. Which is totally unlike me, considering I've never met anyone like this before, let alone fly anywhere on my own. So yeah kind of worried about that.

Next, my brother comes home in five days. He's been in Japan for the last one and a half years. His company went bust so he's coming home, that should be cool though. The last thing I would want right at this moment would be an injury right?

Well, that's what I got after spending several hours in the hospital I found that I had received a fractured nose. From some dirty dirty dirty underhanded baseball, in fact it wasn't even baseball. Let me explain, from the diagram the runner can only run that line called the Runner's Path, if he runs off that line he should be out immediately. I did this maneouver called a pick off and caught the runner off guard, and started to chase him down. So, eventually he fell for my dummy throw and had no where to run to. Then, he charged me. The faggot charged me. I got a shoulder to the nose and fell like a brick, unconcious for a couple of seconds. Woke up in a pool of my own blood.

So yeah, hurray for idiots, what makes it worse is that the umpires did nothing. He should of been thrown out of the game. Now I have an appointment with the judiciary to get the guy suspended. Anything he gets will be a slap on the wrists though.

Anyway Till Tomorrow
Random Joke Someone Made About My Swollen Nose: Hey, now you look half Jewish.

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