Monday, November 19, 2007

Another Boring Day....

Well, okay, semi-boring. Filled up with getting my social fix from MSN and mental stimulation from playing games and writing (story's not complete...). Though a big part of the day was finalising my trip to Perth, which should rock and I am looking forward too it.

Me and my mum were talking about it, and she goes "Oh Dave the risk taker" I gave her a strange look. Not because that was the weirdest thing she could of said. Just because she is totally wrong. I'm Mr Conservative here. Never traveled alone before, don't like needles, don't like heights, don't like creepy crawlies, don't like to drink too much, don't like to be scared, don't like roller coasters. So yeah, Mr Risk Taker isn't exactly the right title for me...

Well my dad's birthday today, happy birthday to you (even though you don't know that this exists!). We had nothing less than a grand royal ceremony where even the queen, kevin rudd, and johnny howard all got up on our dining table and started to do the chicken dance. Ok, so maybe not, but he did get a nice cake which I was fortunate to have half. Next stop obesity....

Random Fruit: Orange
Till Tomorrow

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