Thursday, November 08, 2007

Jumbled Up Words Spell Microphone!

Okay, I'm worried, I have a right to be worried. Nothing personal this time, but I was at the train station and there was a "stand behind the yellow line" sign. Where a guy with headphones has his foot over the line, and his shadow turns to blood on the train tracks (obviously suggesting he walked to far). Now the worrying thing, is the first four words.

Stop, use a bridge

Is it just me or does anyone else think thats a subtle hint for people commiting suicide in the future? Kind of freaked me out when I saw it. Had to look three times and still unsure that was what it said. Whatever ever happened to the olden days, where this crap didn't happen. Everyone has fucked up lives but you don't see us go do unecessary things.

Anyway I finished all my exams today. Again absolutely smashing the exam in the face with the might of my knowledge. TREMBLE AT THE POWER OF MY BRAIN YOU INFIDELS! Feel it burn into your intestines and rip out your heart through your nostrils. That's how powerful it is, actually thats only 1/10th of the power.

Okay so I got a little carried away. I tend to do that. Anyway

Random Chat:
Nate "Danger Zone" Wight says:
im gonna fly you out on knuckle airlines
Nate "Danger Zone" Wight says:
fist class
Dubsy - Visionary, Shaman, Dream Weaver/Writer says:
I hope you're hungry because I'm going to ram my fist down your throat!
Till Tomorrow

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