Friday, November 16, 2007

White Madness

Work was work, exciting yet painfully dull at the same time. Like riding a train when it's stopped at the station, you know what I mean? Although I guess I would be at home playing games and stuff otherwise so it's good to get out of the house and get some money in the back, front, and side pockets. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

I like money. It's my friend.

I found out that the cleaner complained about me to my mum, saying that I have too many clothes on the floor. Which by too many she means one shirt. Apparently she only wants to clean whats already clean (i.e. the rest of the house) and leave the parts untouched (i.e. my rooms). Ugh, that annoys me, the title isn't called cleaner for nothing, you gotta get your hands dirty some of the times. Don't like it? Choose another profession.

Part of my job entails looking over peoples machine scannable answer sheets for a multiple question exam. Okay, now seriously people how hard is it to fill in this form? First though lets set some ground rules.
1. Family Name and Surname are one and the same.
2. Family Name and Surname means your last name only.
3. Your initials are your first and middle names, for some reason Nathen Bidewild had the initials JJ what the hell son.
4. You only scribble in the right answer. Yes somebody decided that every circle but the right answer should be mark. He called up later.
"Uhhh... I've done something stupid."
"Yes you have."

Following these guidelines you're sure not going to annoy someone like me.

Random Thing I Want To Do: Sleep
Till Tomorrow

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