Monday, July 16, 2007

Wtf Router!

First off welcome! This is the new home of my blogging, writing and stuff. I hope. After I found windows live spaces deleted all my old posts (BOOOOO HISSSS) and I'm not keen on getting a myspace I came here. Anyway to kick start my new blog I wrote the story seen in the previous entry. I would of posted this sooner but after I posted that story my router kicked out for some reason beyond my control, and after giving up all hope and shaping to buy a new one it works again?! It's a miracle!!! Ok not really but still it's pretty strange, I've seen things that made more sense in the twilight zone.

Alright now that that is out of the way (I used that twice in a row... does that count as alliteration?). I was on the train today and have you ever noticed how the empty coke bottle rolling around on the ground is always attracted to your foot? I mean I kicked this sucker away like five times and it kept coming back. Like a dog after it's master. So here I am now forming a strike against coke bottles rolling around on the train, DON'T KNUDGE MY FEET YOU BASTARDS!

That's me done for today
Dave out.

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