Sunday, July 22, 2007

And an oga boga to you to

How are we all? No, don't answer that it was rhetorical and I don't really care. Don't you just hate it when you pass someone and they are like "Hey, how are you going?" and your like "Well I had a bad sexual experience last ...." and before you finish they are already half way down the hall asking someone else. Why not just say 'hey' and leave it at that. I don't know, you people are weird.

Anyway, I have a pack of potatoe chips. Jealous? I bet you are you filthy sea dog, not really. I just thought I'd throw something random in there for a quick laugh, which I bet you did. So yeah, this weekend I watched Hot Fuzz and Somethings Got to Give. Hot Fuzz was definately the better of the two, but got to give some credit to Somethings Got to Give. I did laugh a few times but thought it was a bit disjointed and could of been done better(not by me of course).

Apart from that though not much, hopefully I'll have more to talk about tommorrow.

Random Name: Harry Barnes


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