Friday, July 20, 2007

Uh Oh, Spaghetti O

What a day, it was a day of two halves. In the way that the first part was good, great in fact got my uni timetable sorted, but the second. Woah, just woah, it was like a day in hell's hell. I swear, I was so close to losing it and breaking my no swearing for a week challenge. First off I had the task of mailing out these books, little did I know that the books hadn't arrived so I was mailing out the old ones. That would of been surprise for the schools. Next was that this book contained my picture and story, however thanks to being taller than the photographer and the fact that they didn't tell me that I was going to have my photo taken on that particular day. It is probably the worst photo I've seen of myself.
Can you imagine meeting someone who saw that?
They'd be like "don't I know you from somewhere" then after they rustle my hair and get down on their knees, they will be like "oh right, your from that QTAC book." Don't I feel special.

Alright than the worst part of the day is when they decide to send me off with a truckful of stuff to deliver across the city. I got lost no more than thirteen times, and it was in here which I really got annoyed. I mean, personally, I like to be in control. So being lost is the furthest thing from being in control, having no idea where you are and no idea where your going is kind of scary. Thankfully from the help of steph I made it without losing it... too badly. Yatah.

The rest of the day I spent in the elevator dancing. That's right I admit I DANCE IN THE ELEVATOR. Can you digg it or am just too real for ya?

Random Fact: Human's have ten toes.

Till tommorrow

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Yaya! I take all the cred =p