Saturday, July 28, 2007

I Swear to You

I hate the weekends... well, for blogging anyway. My weekends are soo boring, I need to jazz it up with something. Anyway today I thought I'd try my hand at some impromptu blogging (if that's possible). So this is how it's going to work, I've got my music set to random and basically whatever song plays next I'll write about the lyrics in some form or another. Don't get it? Neither do I, but anyway here I go:

The song = Pete Murray - Fly With You

If you don't know how the song goes it starts by going "The first time I saw your face, I was blown away without a trace." Obviously refering to some female who made him gobsmacked but lets get abstract for a second here. What if people had guns for faces? Then you definately wouldn't want someone sneezing/blowing their nose in your direction. Maybe this is why it's considered rude in japan, they are pre-empting they worse. Alright, lets take it a step back from these gun faced people, but what if he was talking about the transformer Destructor (The decepticon tank guy from the movie...I think)? It's possible... sort of.
"Hey, honey how was work"
"Decepticons superior, autobots inferior"
Then he shoots you... god what an pretentious ass.

"she made me feel all warn we talked all night till the dawn came our way"
A walking sun, always a romantic idea that a ball of gas that can incinerate all human life as we know it walking towards you. Maybe in hundred years or so when we have invented reliable space travel, who knows the sun maybe the perfect spot to take your date. However, then everyone could say that they had a hot date. Which brings about the point of what people will talk like in a hundred years? Will we all develope into sms talking people? Will english still be the dominate language? If I had to take a stab I'd say that they make like super language combining all known languages into one simplified form, an example.
la inu is gun
The dog is gone
Whether I'm right or wrong only time will tell.

"Someday I will fly with you"
On the topic of the future, is Pete Murray predicting the future of hover cars and jetpacks. It certainly sounds like it. If it is the case the future is a romance tale, people like me are saved! Gosh though, How many other songs predict, or attempt to predict the future? If there was a song that the future followed what would you like it be?
For me it would have to be Sex on the Beach by T-Spoon... hands down.

Gosh, my MS Paint skills are getting good, I should think of opening a tutoring business or something for sure.

Random Time: 9:52am

Anyway till tommorrow

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