Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm Back!

aSorry bout yesterday, get bogged down in thought sometimes... not cool. For some reason it's easier to get caught up in negative thoughts rather than positive ones. Today I was back to being myself, went to the movies with my aunt, more specific we went to see Harry Potter. Not being a die hard HP fan myself I got lost in the movie a few times and it seemed to jump from here to there without any explanation. Here's your obsurd analogy for today, it reminded me of the teleportation in star trek. That being said my aunt who is a die hard fan said she loved it. So there you go... depends on your tastes I guess.

On the topic of movies, don't you just hate it, you order a coke (medium) and it's as big as the empire state building. Now I'm very padantic about drinks, drinks before meals and drinks in movies particularly. Did I say padantic, I meant paranoid because I have this working theory that restaurants use the pre meal drink to fill you up, so that either A) You don't notice how little they actually give you, or B) You don't finish your meal because your full and they reuse the left overs in other meals therefore saving money. This is a similar scam to movie drinks I think because halfway through the movie you really gotta do your business, because the mountain sized coke is putting pressure on all sides of your bladder. So how does this help the movie business? Well you gotta catch up the parts you missed so you buy another ticket and hello another 5 dollars to the cinema. CHA CHING!

On that topic, ever notice how when you get a beverage or ask for a beverage they always put ice in it. That's like them ripping you off, your only getting a 8/10 part of coke and 2/10 part of ice. I pay for a full product, so I am now boycotting all ice in my soft drinks. If I want it cold I'll refrigerate it myself. Thanks.

Alright I've done enough theory-crafting for one day, now I have to find my missing cd... gosh I hate losing things... it annoys me.

Random Book: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Till Tomorrow

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