Friday, July 27, 2007

It's Time To Sing!

What a day, everything was going well and had the makings of a really wonderful day until they sent me back out to e-letter solutions. Even then, I made it there without any worries, I didn't get lost. It was only when I arrived did it begin.

It all started when I bumped my head on the van door and spiralled down from there. It took thirty minutes of buzzer ringing, yelling, and phonecalls before they let me in. Then they had the bright idea of getting me to back the van into the place, I should of stopped there, and I backed it in too close to some empty pallets so I couldn't open the door proper (just great) so I had to squeeze out. I had to wait another twenty minutes for the people there to get the stuff I needed. Up to this point I was still fairly happy, I mean there wasn't really anything that bad... that was until the person who was getting my stuff arrived. With him he carried two full pallets of boxes, and at first I thought "There is no way he is going to make me move all that stuff on my own" and let me tell you now, I was wrong. Oh how I was very wrong. Not only that but he basically stood there and watched me, (weird, no?) and about halfway through it he goes "You'll build up big muscles after this." I was freaked out, and annoyed at the same time. Was he comming on to me? I hope not.

After went to lunch with my dad, kind of corny but when you can get a forty dollar lunch for free 'why not?' I say. Anywho as we entered the sushi station I noticed that their tea maker was from a brand named 'Urnie.' So we then sat down for lunch and I got some crumbed prawns, spring rolls, and some sushi (shrimp and avocado) and then the hostess came around and offered us some cups of green tea. I'm not a fan of tea, especially if it's green, so I asked. "Was this made from the machine at the front?" "Yes" she replied. "Sorry ma'am, I am not drinking anything from a machine that has an anagram of urine on the front" What? it was harsh, cruel, but it was true!

The next part of the day consisted of me unleashing my anger into some polystyrene computer boxes. This was kind of fun until I decided to punch one and my fist went straight through and hit the wall on the otherside bruising my middle finger. After that I had the idea of bear hugging the boxes into submission. This worked well, until I got the thought "What if I squeezed so hard that a polystyrene bit got absorbed into my skin? What if it got infused with my DNA and I became some sort of half polystryrene half human freak?" I don't think my insurance covers that sort of thing. Could you imagine that? It would give a whole new meaning to breaking your fingers.

Lastly, another cartoon... don't get to used to it though, it's only when I get inspiration.

Random Serial Number: E-194

Till Tommorrow



- s ŧ ё ρ ђ ۰۰ said...

oh my, that sure is some sexy poo!

Dubsy said...

I've seen three poos more sexy, and only one more pooey