Monday, July 23, 2007

Shelter Me

Ever wonder if your shoelaces were possessed by something out of this world... something evil. I do, everytime I go somewhere one of my laces is always untied. I've never had this problem till I got these new shoes now it's always the situation. It's really a case of satanic shoelaces and not only that but it's like it communicated with my other shoes as well. Some sort of shoelace coop on me. It's doesn't matter what knots I tied; single, double, triple, and the extremely silly quadrople. I'm thinking of taking this whole idea to the next level and try and get a priest to cast an exorcism on my shoelaces. Then again... that might be a tad too far, plus I don't want to get my shoes wet with holy water.

I was bored at work again, so I imagined that the closet was some ancient temple. Something out of Indiana Jones. Anyway, my story goes that after half an hour of gaining the courage. I bravely ventured into the depths of this temple fighting off the evil creatures that lived there. These can only be described as folders of darkness, they fell of the shelves on top of me like an avalanche of paper and staples. After a good three minutes of battling I came across a riddle. There were ten different keys on the wall, only one was the van key. I had to choose, a wrong choice could put me in deep water. Thankfully there was a hint, a label under the right key saying "Van Key" and that's the end of my adventure. Yata!

Lastly, to the trolley boy who was straing me down. I hate you, you no good filthy trolley boy. You disgust me with your trolley pushing ways and YES! I did make faces at you deal with it punk.

Random Shape: Triangle

Till tommorrow


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tucKie said...

learn to tie your shoe with these guys