Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chimney Puffs

Wow what a day, so full of excitement and adventure! Sugoi! I had my first business lecture today, it was interesting. I met some guy and, extremely out of character of me, we went out to lunch in a completely heterosexual manner. Which was wierd but cool, he seemed nice enough, and I do need more uni friends.

Anyway, back to the lecture, the lecturer I must say has got to be the best looking lecturer I've had so far. So I had no problems concentrating. However, she has this Yorkshire accent where she pronounces Rs as Ws. So when she asked "How do you know when you are right?" I immediately thought "When people confuse you with casper."I had to laugh. As it continued we were given several businesses and we had to discuss what recent news stories we had heard. Since neither me nor Mat watched the news we decided to make up our own stories. Funnily enough Jetstar was one of the business, and Mat put forth the idea that they had been training monkeys to become pilots.

It gets funnier, when someone suggests that they have a new competitor called Tiger Airlines and the first thought that came to my head was "Ofcourse they are offshoring to tigers now because everyone knows that they work for less money." After that I came home and had to pick up my brothers car from the service and as I walked up I passed "The Black Swamp" sounds exciting so I've decided I'll go investigate it sometime. With any luck I might uncover a secret tomb of some sort.

Lastly I finally made it home, and developed a rap that goes "Who's a Ghengis? Ghengis is a Ghengis" and kept repeating it about fifty times. It wasn't very innovative but my dog (Ghengis) seemed to enjoy it and showed his appreciation by growling at me.

Random Song Lyric: I'm not sleeping at night, but I'm going from bar to bar why can't we just rewind. - "Rewind" Paolo Nutini

Till tommorrow

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