Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another day, another dollar?

What a day, what a day, what a day. Waking up at 5:30am is NOT my cup of tea, I don't even like tea. So today I rebeled, I slept in instead of having my shower, naughty naughty, but it helped my sleepiness and left me with a over dramatic hair do. I was annoyed when I finally did wake up, told my mum not to make me breakfast. Bad idea. I don't know why but that's what happens when I get aggrivated I refuse to eat. Very intimidating arn't I?

Anyway, I was thinking alot about my immediate future this morning. Probably why I was so annoyed. I mean why do we always think so negatively all the time? Well I do anyway, for example: I have an awesome life, I have a good job, I'm doing the course that I love, I have awesome friends and family, the only thing that I don't have is dare I say it; a girlfriend. And believe it or not it's the only thing that persistantly plagues my mind. Like a rash. By now you've probably guessed I got a lady problem from the URL and it's true I'll admit it. Though more on that later, right now I gots some more ranting to do.

Okay, worst thing today must have been the fat lady. Now, I don't really have any grudges against fat people... minus this one. She was obviously wearing a skirt that fit her when she was thirteen but now she has grown up put on some weight and OH MY GOD SHE SAT DOWN ACROSS FROM ME WITH HER LEGS SPREAD! I was so close to jabbing my thumbs into my retinas in fact I would of if I wasn't too busy trying to keep my lunch down. Which wasn't an easy feat mind you, McDonalds is easy to go down and easier to come back up again.

Random thought: What if every sperm had a label, that way instead of going through the dilema of coming up with a name its already choosen. Sorta like a lucky dip.
"Come on larry, come on larry... GOD DANG IT'S A FRED!"

Anyway catch you tommorrow


UNSW said...

The fat lady was obviously flirting with you. WTF is wrong with you man. You see things backwards :D

- s ŧ ё ρ ђ ۰۰ said...

I will now forever taunt you with
every time you go on the train :]

Dubsy said...

Oh my goodness, SHE WAS FLIRTING WITH ME... THAT WAS MY CHANCE.. How could I overlook that? Oh, that's right she was double my age and triple my weight. Nice try Mr UNSW but NO DEAL. >:

Uggh Steph, keep your fat people thoughts to yourself T.T.

- s ŧ ё ρ ђ ۰۰ said...

Just, lol.