Saturday, July 21, 2007


Alright, so my idea was, just to jazz my blog up a bit on the weekends, to get some friends off mine to write something, a blog, a story, or whatever, and put it up as sort of a cameo blog. I thought it was a cool idea, however trying to pull it off is entirely a different thing.

So, guys, send me some blogs, or stories, or anything, to my email address. It is a good idea and I do want to do something like it in the future.

Anyway today was not my day, again, with the wallabies losing 26-12. Dissapointing, really, but then again the refereeing was as bad as sour milk in a toilet bowl. However, I got to meet up with my mate Big D so it's all good. Anyway lets hope tommorrow is better than today.

Random Item in Dave's Study: Pencil Sharpener

Till tommorrow

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