Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pajama Party

Question: If a picture says a thousand words, then what does this one say?

If you didn't already know, there is a counter at the bottom of this page and it gives me feedback on the amount of visitors (both return vistors as well as first timers), page loads, and all that jazz. Yesterday it recorded a massive twelve individuals reading the blog, which for me is huge! So I wanted to use this little bit of power to give some shout outs.

Shout out to Steph for the inspiration.
Shout out to Bob for being the first volunteer cameo blogger.
Shout out to Jono for reading almost everyday and admitting it.
Shout out to Ryan for the advice.
Shout out to Dave P for befriending his ex.
Then just a general thanks for anyone who does read this but more so to you Dave fans who come back again and again and again.

Now that I've used my power for good, let me do some evil by trying to brainwash you guys with a little poem I wrote. It's called "Do my bidding"

Do My Bidding - By David Williams

Indigo Sunset

Mirage on the open seas
Under water colours
Scale from blue
To black

Is the girl who I
Love and the girl who
Loves me

Never to far from
The truth or from being

Alright, now if you didn't get it I suggest you go back and read it fifty-three more times. No more, no less. If by then you still don't get it, just read the first letter of every line. My first attempt at subliminal messaging, I can only hope that it was a success. It's not that I don't like what santa does, it's just that well last year he gave me a doll with pink ribbons through her long blonde hair. With the mini skirt so minute that you can see her private parts, the underwear wasn't included . So, yes santa must pay for this mistake! First we topple the north pole, next we topple the world! Through the power of dance!

In other news, the big thing that happened well last night was that Mirr spoke to me for the first time after a falling out we had around about 18 months ago. It was certainly an unexpected surprise. Well, including that, things are looking really well for me at the moment. I can only hope things get better from here.

Finally for today, remember that picture? Well, this is what I came up with.

Random Sport: Squash

Till tomorrow.

P.S. Be on the lookout for a new poll.

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