Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fact Finding

First off, thanks for reading so far and YAHOO first comment, so to celebrate I've made the following tribute to that lucky (or unlucky) user.

Anyway back on topic, another average day. Boring. I'm still waiting on giant robots to invade the planet like in the movies... guess I'm going to have wait a little bit longer. For now, and to fill in some space I'd thought I'd write some fun facts about myself.
Fun Fact #1: I have two middle names Timothy Norris.
Fun Fact #2: Every baseball team I have been involved in has made it to the finals.
Fun Fact #3: I play world of warcraft find me on Babaganuush or Sockless on frostmourne. "Horde superior, Alliance inferior" I agree soundwave.
Fun Fact #4: I have two dogs and a cat.
Fun Fact #5: I lied about the cat.
Fun Fact #6: My favourite colour is Green.
Fun Fact #7: I have a picture of a flower in my study.
Fun Fact #8: My star sign is a Taurus.
Fun Fact #9: My favourite drink is bundy and rum.
Fun Fact #10: I got an OP 9.
UnFun Fact #1: I needed an OP8.
UnFun Fact #2: I've never had a successful job interview.
UnFun Fact #3: I've never had a serious girlfriend.
UnFun Fact #4: My most humiliating moment, was trying out for the regional baseball team it was a team of 18 and 19 people turned up. I was the one who got cut. I've never tried out for regionals again.
UnFun Fact #5: Due to sedation not working, the dentist jabbed me with his needle 7 times... I now have a fear of dentists... and needles.

Alright that's me done for today, I've put myself out there love it or hate it doesn't really matter. However, before I go I want to turn your attention to the NO SWEAR CHALLENGE! Trying to change the world for the better I put it to you, you filthy blog readers, not to swear for a week! Can you do it, have you got the power? We shall see.

Random Answer: 63.2

See you tommorrow

P.S. Check out my poll and vote away => Cheesecake sucks... not really but it shouldn't be winning.


- s ŧ ё ρ ђ ۰۰ said...

can i see your flower?

Dubsy said...

It's a fung shui flower so not as gay as it sounds D:

- s ŧ ё ρ ђ ۰۰ said...

feng* >:|
picture please :D

tucKie said...

lol sif flip/write backwards

way to epic fail!

Kyria said...

Keep up the good work.