Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Great Big Bushy Beard

Been to the QUT bookshop lately? I did, though I must say I was confused. It is a very confusing place to be honest. Out the front it has a bag rack. On it there is a sign that says "leave all bags outside of the shop", so I thought fair enough and left my bag on the rack and was about to walk into the store when I saw another sign. This one said "Don't leave your bags unattended." A bit of a contradiction, I say. So there I was standing for what must have been five minutes trying to come to a comprise between the two signs and in the end I smuggled my bag in underneath my shirt. Good thing they didn't have sniffer dogs to detect bags, otherwise I may of been in trouble.

Ok, now whats the deal with people listening to their headphones on the loudest setting while on the train. In fact why does everything become so annoying on the train, it's like an amplifier for annoyingness. Anyway, back to this guy (He was fifteen) I must of been ten meters away from him and I could hear every single note played. Can you say "Deaf before thirty"? I certainly can. Now your probably thinking, Dave's lieing again or has exceptional hearing, neither is correct. The ticket collectors came around and shouted "tickets please" while standing right in front of them, and he had to ask them to repeat it without his earphones in. Now, normally I don't object to music in fact I'm a fan of it. Except rap/club music/emo/noise which was all he had on his playlist. I was so close to going over to him and say "Play something decent or either you or your ipod are getting off at the next stop."

Another thing I must bring up is that people have the misconception that I'm actually good at using/fixing computers. Let me bust this myth right now, I'm not good with computers in fact I'm probably the exact opposite. I did study IT for two years but they didn't teach us about how you go about diagnosing/solving computer troubles. Can you blame them? There are just so many. Or, if they did I wasn't paying attention.

Arrgh it's getting late, and I really should get to bed I have a six o'clock start tommorrow... Help Me.... and I still got more to write. I guess I'll leave it till tommorrow.

Random Program I Have Open Right Now: Skype

Till Tomorrow

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