Friday, February 29, 2008

The Uni Guide: Part 2

Let's continue about the nerds...

The Morbidly Obese Nerds: These guys are your typical nerds, with the exception that they take up two seats instead of one, and smell like a... something that smells like a garbage bin or something. Especially in this weather, they generate such a potent flavour that I'm surprised they don't use the mixture in horse tranquilizers. I kid of course, fat people are okay in my books (considering that it's like 49% of Australia, I better not aggravate everyone.... yet).

Tom Boy Nerds: Girls who dress like boys. I first got this feeling when I was watching a Michael Jackson film clip, little did I know that MJ was guy at the time. Anyway these girls have serious gender issues, they really can't tell if they have boobs or just really pectoral muscles - that sag. Anyway these guys scare me, and I try to avoid them at any cost.

Hope you're keeping up to date with this information.
Random German Food: Braughtworst!

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