Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gotta Love Publicity

Mistakes can be forgiven, can they not?

Gotta love it when my boyfriend runs away from every little thing... without a chance for explanations. Then those feelings stay with him for the whole day. Yay, emotions.

Many movie plots arise around misunderstandings or important information being dismissed. But eventually the truth gets out and there's he happy ending. I wish life were like a movie sometimes. In life these misunderstandings are often not noted until its too late, until people have moved on to a point where it wouldn't fill that hole in which time has degraded. From my experience such epiphanies always happen after a long period of time. Since I'm still so young and have matured a lot over the past few years I now see things differently, I see them from an outsider's perspective and think, I really wish I had done things differently. But hey, that's life. I'm a different person now, so why dwell on those past mistakes. Perhaps its good to analyse them though, to know exactly what went wrong and why; to learn from them. Occasionally I look back and realise how happy I was before certain things happened, and I really really miss those people for that sole reason. I am a person capable of forgiving people. Unfortunately Dave doesn't understand this and thinks its jeopardising our relationship. What's wrong with rekindling old relationships? This isn't our current kafuffle though. Do I really know what's right and what's wrong? D:

I'm pretty sure none of that made sense..or if I've quite covered the points I wanted to discuss, sorry.
Trying to make up with Dave at the moment. Failing miserably.

Random character in Dave's story: Steph- the girl who he kills >;o

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