Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Return of the Mole

Today was my second day of university, and I realised again how much I hate the majority of people in my class. As much as I hate to label people, here it is:

The Guide To Students in My Class
This isn't to say I'm not a nerd, just that I try to hide it and for the most part am highly successful. No, you don't need to point out the irony of me having a blog... Anywho:

Day 1:

I Meant To Do Communication Design: This goes mainly for the girls, though a few - a rare few, in our class, but for some reason I believe we have a sign that says "You must be this unattractive to enter this course." And believe me, they fill the requirements. However, there are some lookers and it just makes you think that half their brain got shunted into their lady lumps, and they accidently selected the wrong course.

I Just Leveled My Conversation Skills by Talking to You: These are the guys who decide life is better lived in front of a computer, so much so that they decided to create their own language filled with pointless acronyms and non-sensical words. We could only wish that they'd leave that sort of language for their e-boyfriends. However, wishes are only granted in fairy tales, so we are stuck with people shouting "LOL" or "BRB"

Random Arch nemesis: The Mole Man Alex!

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god damn LOL in your face