Monday, February 25, 2008


Wow so I've stopped being funny for a while.

Sorry the last few weeks have been kind of rough. I tell you long distance relationships are hard, and if me and Steph weren't absolutely head over heels in love with each other. We would definitely have not stayed together for as long as we have. So yeah, the last couple of weeks have been emotionally rough on both of us.

In other news, I just haven't had enough ammunition to tear someone a new asshole. Sure I could go on about my douchebag of a brother, or some random guy who looked at me on the subway. BUT WHERE IS THE MEAT! I want to chomp down on some juicy hate filled T-Bone steak!

Lastly, sorta out of the whole subject matter of this blog but I've almost finished my werewolf story yipee. I'm actually submitting that into a competition, so that's rather exciting.

Random lecturer: Kavoos

P.S. Speaking of Kavoos he has one bad ass comb over! Go you good thing!
P.P.S. Both this and my last blog were posted at 11:46pm... freaky huh. THERE IS A GHOST BEHIND YOU! Aww you missed it.

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