Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stop Everything!

Alright guys now before you even think about doing anything you should read this:

In Baltimore, Maryland, it is not legal to take a lion to the movies.

I'm looking at you, no longer can you go around taking Mufasa to the movies anymore! I know what you're thinking 'Who's going to protect me now?' Well... Could I interest you in a turtle? Or maybe a sloth? Or a combination of the two, a slothle, it would be the ultimate beast aside from the obvious defect of the name rhyming with brothel...

You can just imagine the kids going to town with the rhyming games. Pointing at the loser of the 100m dash and screaming:
Slothle, slothle, works at a brothel!
There goes one kid's childhood....

Till sometime in the not so distant future
Random person who is awesome: Bob!

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