Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Can't Kill This Man

I was reminded today of how much I hate taking the train. First off we had the slightly too loud commuter, talking about the benefits of the pill as well as going on about the inner workings of the uterus and complaining about her period. Well that's just great, I'm sure the kids sitting right behind you will now get an A+ once they hit the reproductive cycle in grade 10 biology.

Next we had 'Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird: The Musical.' It was a lovely piece which entailed the constant struggle of interspecies relationships, performed by two seven year olds. Who were old enough to know that when two things fall in love the music stops and the horizontal line dancing begins.

Finally we had the kid who needed to take his insulin shots. Which compared to the others wasn't that bad, but let's face it needles creep me out.

Till some other time, some other place.
Random Show I Watch: Dexter!

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