Sunday, May 25, 2008


First off let me apologize to you guys if you did at all read that last post, which I were you I probably wouldn't have, then again I'm one lazy son of a bitch - Minus the bitch part, I have a lovely mother. (awwww)

Anywhos uni is really bogging me down, in fact let's say that the entire educational system is bogging me down. I don't get it, you learn about one thing, forget about it, and then learn about the next thing. There is no knowledge retention, I spent 4 years learning japanese -now all I can say is hello my name is David! Wow that'll be a real life saver, they catch me for trafficing drugs in japan. My defence: Hello my name is David!

But in all serious I don't see the point and wish I could skip uni and start on my career already the whole charade of going to university is starting to wear thin. I really don't think half of the stuff we are learning is relevant to the games industry, and then once I get into the industry finally I'll have to learn some other stuff all over again. Ugh..... Anywhos it's 2am and I'm still up... WHY!!!!!

Ciao babies
Random Team in the Super 14 final: Waratahs!

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